North Sydney Council and Stanton Library

Since relocating to Neutral Bay the Seaborn, Broughton & Walford Foundation has developed a close relationship with the local North Sydney Council and the local Stanton Library.

Our Friends Hon Sec Carolyn and our archivist Neil have enjoyed welcoming visitors from the Council and Library to our new home and collecting appreciative comments.

Ian Hoskins, the Stanton Library Historian wrote:

"Congratulations….This is the most wonderful outcome for the Collection !! Ample space and brilliant location, it seems to have been pre-destined - back where Dr Seaborn grew up. It’s almost magical - I’m looking forward to collaborating."

Martin Ellis, North Sydney Council’s Director of Library and Community Services, was impressed with our Performing Arts Collection and our new space for intimate rehearsals, performances and seminars.

He wrote:

"What a wonderful resource. Huge potential. Superb to have the Archives (and Carolyn) back in North Sydney. Looking forward to the space being activated.”

Kelly Mitchell, Stanton Library’s Senior Librarian Historical Sources wrote:

"Thank you very much, Neil, for the tour of your fantastic collection. I hadn’t realised how extensive and diverse it is - and you are doing wonderful work organising and cataloguing it all! I’m very happy that the Independent Theatre Archive has found a good home with you. No doubt it will of interest to researchers in the future. 

You have a wonderful space for involving the performing arts community in events - no doubt all this historical material provides inspiration as well as research interest. We will keep in touch! Best regards”.

Partnership with North Sydney Council

The Seaborn, Broughton & Walford Foundation is delighted to have been included in the Seniors and Children's Festivals since 2018 with ongoing plans for annual involvement.

These Festivals include events in multiple venues across the Municipality and provide an excellent opportunity for the Foundation to highlight the importance of the performing arts within the local community.