Donations & Bequests - Your gift to the Performing Arts

Since 1986, when the Seaborn, Broughton and Walford Foundation was launched by the late Dr Rodney Seaborn, it has offered significant financial encouragement to many worthy theatrical ventures through the generosity of its Friends.

It has saved and restored the S,B&W Independent Theatre and the unique SBW Stables Theatre in Kings Cross; it has assisted in establishing the Rodney Seaborn Library at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) as well as subsidising a number of academic projects; and recently it purchased a building to house the comprehensive S,B&W Performing Arts Collection, which is one of the most important theatrical archives in Australia and a valuable resource for practitioners, students and theatre lovers. The Foundation has recently been able to further assist performing arts groups by providing affordable, accessible rehearsal space in our Seaborn Library.

Each year the S,B&W Foundation provides funding to a number of theatre companies to offset their expenses and organises many theatre parties to support both commercial and independent productions. It is the Patron of the acclaimed Griffin Theatre Company and continues as a major sponsor of the Sydney Theatre Critics Awards and, for many years, made a major contribution to Annual Awards hosted by the GLUGS Theatrical Lunch Club.

The Foundation has always relied on the kind and often substantial donations from its Friends, in meeting the many requests it receives for grants. With the difficult times that the performing arts are experiencing at present, it is essential that the Foundation is in a position to increase its contributions to ensure their robust viability into the future.

Accordingly, the Foundation is asking its Friends to consider giving a donation or making a bequest so that the Foundation may continue Dr. Seaborn’s inspired vision of supporting the performing arts.

Your contribution would be most appreciated; all donations of $2 or more, are tax deductible.

To make a donation to the S,B&W Foundation:

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  • Download our pdf donation form
  • Phone (02) 9955 5444
  • Email

Young people working on the restoration of the Independent.jpg
Young people working on the restoration of the Independent

Puppets from the Nutshell Theatre, 1971 Perth.
Puppets from the Nutshell Theatre, 1971 Perth.