Our Mission and Objectives


The mission of the Seaborn, Broughton & Walford Foundation is to promote and encourage the knowledge, understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of drama, opera, dance, mime, music, puppetry and all other forms and facets of the performing arts in all their expressions within Australia. This is made possible by providing financial and other support for a wide variety of individuals and organisations involved in Australian theatre and performing arts through the funding of grants and projects, fostering and promoting education, training, research and scholarship by preserving and making accessible the resources of the S,B&W Foundation Archives and Library and supporting the Griffin Theatre Company in its role of developing and staging leading new Australian writing and theatre.


  • To promote and encourage, either directly or indirectly, the knowledge, understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of drama, opera, dance, mime, music, puppetry and all other forms and facets of the performing arts and other arts in Australia including the plastic arts in so far as they may relate to the performing arts in all their expressions forms and media;
  • To promote and foster painting, sculpture, craft work, community and ethnic arts and languages, radio, films, television, literature, compilation of historical records and all areas relating to the visual arts and any other art in Australia in any way whatever and in particular, and without limiting the generality thereof to arrange exhibitions and promote productions, to encourage performance and execution, to publish and distribute material related thereto, to provide involvement through participation throughout the community, to stimulate and generate interest in any way whatever in any of the arts, to foster exchange of information by lectures, readings or any other method, to organise excursions and to provide technical, financial or other assistance in respect thereof;
  • To produce present and manage Australian and overseas performing arts, performing artists and authors so as to contribute to the arts in Australia;
  • To acquire, subsidise, build and convert buildings to or for the use of the performing arts;
  • To establish, promote, subsidise and conduct schools, lectures, courses, seminars and other forms of education in the performing arts;
  • To teach, train and instruct performing artists in Australia and elsewhere and to promote education and research in the performing arts in Australia and overseas with the aim of developing the performing arts in Australia;
  • To publish and promote in any media and otherwise support the dissemination by all means and media knowledge and information concerning the performing arts and Australian performing artists and arts organisations in particular;
  • To make grants and donations and provide limited or unlimited guarantees against loss to performing artists and performing arts organisations with a view to promoting all of any of the Foundation’s purposes;
  • To co-operate with other Foundations, Trusts, natural persons, bodies or organisations both within and outside Australia with purposes or objects in whole or part similar to the purposes of the Foundation;
  • So far as the law will permit and subject to any relevant statute, rule, regulation or by-law and/or any licence issued in pursuance thereof, to solicit, receive enlist and accept subscriptions, donations, bequests or grants in money or in kind from individuals, trusts, companies, associations, societies, institutions and other organisations or authorities and from Government, semi-government and public authorities or bodies to conduct fund-raising campaigns to that end;
  • Notwithstanding anything herein before contained no funds of the Foundation however raised or arising and whether income or capital shall be used at any time for any purpose not being a purpose of this Foundation and no funds of the Foundation shall be made available in any way to any person body organisation, company or fund for any private profit to any person or for any other purpose inconsistent with the Foundation’s purposes. Provided also that no director of the trustee shall be appointed to any salaried office of the Foundation.