The Foundation Funding Policy

The Seaborn, Broughton & Walford Foundation welcomes applications for financial assistance from both performing arts companies and from individual performing artists.

This year the opening date for applications is Monday 29th April 2024 and closing date for the next grants round is is Saturday 31 August 2024.

The Seaborn, Broughton & Walford Foundation welcomes applications for financial assistance from performing arts companies and individual performing artists.

For those wishing to apply, please consult Application guidelines and dates.

Applications for assisting playwrights in most instances should be addressed to The Rodney Seaborn Playwrights Award or the Rodney Seaborn Playwriting Support Fund.

Applications from Performing Arts Companies

The following guidelines are intended to assist companies with their applications:

  1. Applications for assistance should be made for specific projects, productions or activities.
  2. Preference will be given to special projects additional to the core business of a performing arts company.
  3. Special projects may include:
    i. Commissioning an original play or performance
    ii. Professional work-shops of an original play or performance
    iii. Professional production of an original play or performance
    iv. Assistance with international tours
    v. Appointment of eg. trainee directors
    vi. Organising conferences of theatre practitioners
    vii. Professional training activities
    viii. and such other projects as the S,B&W Foundation Board may approve.
  4. At the present time, support for a performing arts company will generally not exceed $50,000 in any one year and, depending on the quality of other applicants, may be less than the amount  requested, in which case it is important for the applicant to indicate whether the project can proceed with a lesser amount. A successful application will receive one grant or support payment.
  5. An application for assistance will not be considered until the Board has received an assessment and acquittal of a project previously assisted by S,B&W Foundation.