The S,B&W Foundation is a charitable trust managed by a Board of Directors. The current S,B&W Directors are:

Mr Peter Lowry OAM LLB - President and Chairman, The Hon. Lloyd Waddy AM, RFD, QC, Mr Paul Duffy LLB, Ms Elizabeth Butcher AM, Mr James R.G Bell BA LLB, Mr Jonathan Casson BA LLB (ANU), LLM (Syd), Mr Michael S. Diamond AM MBE, Mr Kevin Jackson, Mr Bill Power

The Board of Directors meet four times a year in February, May, August and November


Mr Adam Smith


Ms Carol Martin - Administrator

Mrs Christine Yeats - Principal Consulting Archivist

Susan Mills - Archivist

Mr Neil Pollock - Archivist

Mr Aarne Neeme - Performing Arts Consultant (Archives)

Dr Judy White AM - (Hon) Archives and Library Consultant

Dr Carolyn Lowry OAM - (Hon) Public Relations Consultant


Ms Elizabeth Butcher AM

Mr Kevin Jackson

Mr Gary Simpson AM

Applications for assistance are determined at the May and November meetings. All applications are reviewed by the Board and Grants Committee. The Grants Committee meets prior to the June and November meetings of the S,B&W Foundation Board. The Grants Committee assesses the applications and submits recommendations to the Board for approval and ratification. Successful applicants will be notified a week after the Board meeting.