Support for the Performing Arts in Australia.

What is SBW?

SBW, the Seaborn Broughton & Walford Foundation provides financial assistance and other forms of support for the performing arts in Australia, especially Australian theatre companies, practitioners and writers.

SBW is a charitable bequest established by Dr.Rodney Seaborn in 1986. Dr. Seaborn wished

“to promote and encourage the knowledge, understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of theatre, opera, dance, mime, music, puppetry and all other forms and facets of the performing arts in all their expressions in Australia.”

What does SBW do?

SBW makes grants, donations and guarantees against loss to performing artists and performing arts organisations:

  • to produce Australian performing arts projects
  • to arrange exhibitions
  • to conduct educational activities
  • to publish and distribute material related to Australian theatre.

SBW has assisted:

  • Sport for Jove Theatre Company
  • Critical Stages
  • The Ensemble Theatre
  • The Seymour Centre
  • The Hayes Theatre
  • Bell Shakespeare
  • NIDA
  • Belvoir Street
  • Parnassus’ Den
  • The Theatre of Image
  • Monkey Baa Childrens’ Theatre
  • Stage Whispers Magazine
  • …and many other companies and artists.